"These two fighting and another one on the way? What was I thinking?"


Some random snapshots of daily life with the Drakes.

amishteen asked: "i absolutely love your drake house! how exactly would i go about downloading it? i've never downloaded anything off of origin. thanks!"

Thanks amishteen! They’ve made downloading lots super easy on Sims 4. To download a lot, go on build mode then click on the gallery on the upper right of your screen. Then you can find the Drake House using my Origin ID: iiilyana. You can then either save it for future use or click the link on the bottom right to pull the lot into build mode. 

Anonymous asked: "I know you're focusing on using sims 4 studio in your question but have you tried replacing the dds's manually in s4pe?"

Thanks anon. After not getting anywhere with s4s I used Color Magic and s4pe and it worked fine. I just have to merge my packages and then I’ll be able to share them soon. I posted on the sims 4 studio forum and they helped me out so I’ll try it again with s4s when I’ve got some time. Thanks though :)

Celebratory the-baby-kicked dance.

Chipmunk cheeks.

Chipmunk cheeks.

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simoneydance asked: "I can't find the drake house in the gallery! 😩😩"

Yeah, I couldn’t find it either when I looked at my catalog. But I reuploaded it to the gallery so you should be able to find it now :)

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I need some help…

Hey guys, so I’m trying to learn how to make cc using Sims 4 Studio. I’m following all the directions here and haven’t encountered any problems until I tried to create more swatches or more recolors (of the same mesh, dunno if i should specify). Every time I add a new swatch and import a new texture, it replaces the previous textures. All the swatches are still there, but they all look like the last texture I imported.

I’ve gone over the tutorial every single time I’ve tried to do this, and I still can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. HAAAAAALLLLLPPPPP! 

Anonymous asked: "How many bathrooms and bedrooms does the Drake House have? It's gorgeous! 😀"

Thanks! It has 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

Interior shots of the Drake House. 

I didn’t get every room or detail shot of the interiors due to there being a 10 picture limit. However, the house is very much furnished and decorated. I’ve used just about every decor item that (sorta) fits with the aesthetic of the house. I was also careful to pick wallpaper; I don’t think one room has only one paint colour. Most rooms have a feature wall which adds interest. I’ve also used a lot of rugs to add interest to the flooring. 

Outside, there’s a fenced garden out front, and a front-facing and back-facing patio. The terrain paint and outdoor plants may not come with the download, but I’ve posted pictures of exterior shots of the house so you can easily replicate it. 

I adore this house. It’s big enough for my growing sim family, but it still feels really cozy. I hope you enjoy playing in it as much as I have.

You can download this off the gallery through my Origin ID: iiilyana.

EDIT: This house has 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.